too much blood in my alcohol


Seal It Over, Swans


i like the light here

(via The Black Swan Theory)

William Eggleston


I wish I could take everyone who has ever called me “sweetie”, “sweetheart” or “young lady” and set them on fire.

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"The unknown is frightening therefore we want to fend it off. I think this is a great part of violence as well as our destructive urge. Whether we like it or not we all have this urge. This urge is not legitimised by fear alone. We all have a dark side. I’ve often quoted Goethe who said that there is no crime he could not imagine having committed himself. Those were wise words. You only need to be in a trigger situation. I think people are very naive when they talk about what others did. They weren’t in the same situation. I wouldn’t vouch for myself not doing certain acts in certain situations that would mortify me at any other time. I think that’s everybody’s fate. All it takes is to be pushed towards these limits. Then you’ll find out how deep your humanity really goes."


One more

by Eliza Graumlich


Fotogalerie  Wien -  BILDER No. 165